Is selling your home a problem? Not any more, if you rely on the network of National Homebuyers throughout the UK. Specialising in the quick purchase of property, National Homebuyers can quickly assess any type of property, simply and directly. National Homebuyers is part of the Momentum Asset Management Limited group and has been in the property buying and selling business since 2004. Nationwide, no matter if your property is located in remote locations or in the centre of a large city, National Homebuyers can provide a valuation and acquire your property in nothing.


How can National Homebuyers help you sell my house?

If you’re moving house, or looking to speed up the sale, or are curious about the current value of your home, here’s how National Homebuyers can provide you with a completely free online quote. You’re under absolutely no obligation to complete the sale with National Homebuyers, and the valuation is free, so you’ll have no strings attached!

Getting your free quote!

All you have to do is log on to the National Homebuyers portal, or contact them by phone (08000 443 911), enter your postcode in the checker box, and in no time you’ll be talking to a property expert, that will instantly provide you an offer that may leave you extremely satisfied. And just in case the quote doesn’t meet your expectations, there’s no problem, you’ll only have spent a few minutes but you won’t have spent a pound!

Receive a cash offer

Once we have received a valuation that convinces you, National Homebuyers will formally offer you a cash sum for
acquire your freehold property. Even at this point, there will be no obligation on your part to National Homebuyers. However, if you decide to accept the offer you have received, you will be able to conveniently choose the time at which to complete the sale.

Complete the sale

Once you have completed the legal process for your purchase (National Homebuyers guarantees up to £1000 cover, upon completion), you will receive your final credit directly into your bank account, with no fees at your expense.