Where to buy food online in emergency?

As the Covid-19 emergency hits the whole world, Uk supermarket shelves are rapidly emptying. Because of these shortcomings, in addition to the isolation imposed on families by the government, online shopping is now more than ever becoming a priority tool for food supply. Ordering food online has therefore become a must, even for those who have never approached this way of shopping, where timing is essential. As a consequence of the emergency, it is therefore necessary to place orders in advance, to face the high demand.

If you plan to shop online, you will first need to make a choice as to which retailer to choose. Whether it is a well-known supermarket brand or an online only retailer, at this moment the fundamental point to consider is precisely the estimated delivery time. Sure, receiving groceries at home on the same day of the order is a great bonus for an online food shopping site, but it’s unlikely to expect it at this difficult time.

Among other factors at stake, remember that all sites require an age over 18 for orders and most companies require a minimal expense to provide the delivery service. From the product offer point of view, it is better to lean towards signs with a good variety of food, drinks and toiletries, to concentrate your weekly shopping in one go. In this article, we will find out how some of the major online retailers have organized themselves, to ensure the fastest possible delivery times.


Amazon Fresh – Pantry

Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service currently available in London and south-east of the UK (but it plans to expand territory very close). It deliveries fresh food, thanks to partnerships with some of the best stores: Whole Foods, Morrisons and several local markets. The offer of fruit, vegetables, meat and baked goods is really wide.

Usually, Items ordered through AmazonFresh are available for home delivery on the same day or the next day, depending on the time of the order and the availability of trucks. However, due to high demand, it may take a few weeks today for delivery to be available, depending on your location. Amazon Fresh is exclusive for Amazon Prime and Fresh members, it costs £11.98 a month to get membership of both. Minimum order is £ 40, with a delivery fee of £ 3.99. Orders over £ 60 receive free delivery.

Amazon Pantry members is a service that packages everyday non-perishable grocery store items into a single box for delivery for a flat fee. Available only to Amazon Prime members in the United Kingdom, where it signed a deal with the chain Morrisons to provide supplies both for Pantry and Fresh.

Amazon Pantry offers a large selection of branded food (well-known brands such as Heinz, Johnson’s, Cadbury’s..) and many household products, such as surface cleaners and detergents; toilet paper or hand sanitizer not currently available. Amazon prides itself on delivering in one day (or even on the same day), but the problems generated upon procurement from the epidemic does not allow delivery of orders within one business day. Exclusive to Amazon Prime members, its membership costs £7.99 a month or £79 a year. In addition to this cost, there is a shipping cost of £ 3.99 and a minimum purchase of £ 15. Orders are grouped in a large cardboard box to minimize the impact of the packaging on the environment.


Co-op is a British consumer co-operative active in several retail businesses, from food-retail and wholesale to e-pharmacy, from insurance/legal services to funeralcare, with 3,600 locations in Uk.

Quite new to the online food delivery, thanks to a partnership with Deliveroo and robot deliveries in Milton Keynes, Co-op reaches various locations in as little as 2 hours. Unfortunately, Co-op doesn’t deliver across the country, so check your zip code. The minimum order is only £ 15 and delivery is free. To date, deliveries with more than 20 items are not allowed. The availability of meat, vegetables, ready meals and alcohol is good; unfortunately, however, household products are currently scarce.


Tesco is the biggest groceries & general merchandise retailer in Uk, with almost 30% of market share. Tesco offers a more flexible service with no minimum spend, just £4 basket charge for orders under £25. Really simple to order online: you can create a list of your favorite products and use the Tesco delivery app. The assortment of products on the Tesco website is huge.

Delivery usually takes place on the same day or can be scheduled: setting a chosen time costs between £ 3 and £ 7, instead choosing a flexible slot, in a randomly assigned hour, costs between £ 1 and £ 4. In this period home-delivery can lead to a wait of even weeks. Tesco is releasing slots to shop online as and when they become available (however, they are filling up quickly); so basically it’s recommended to safely go to stores to do so, instead of shopping online, to help slots prioritisation for more vulnerable customers.


With 338 stores across the UK, including 65 small grocery stores, Waitrose also distributes a wide range of products through, one of the best supplied both from pantry snacks and fresh food. Moreover, on Waitrose Cell and Waitrose Entering, you can satisfy all your cravings for alcohol and canapés, all provided with a guarantee of freshness.

Unfortunately, many household items are currently in short supply: out of toilet paper, antibacterial wipes still available. Although Waitrose normally delivers for free within the next day across the UK, there is currently no delivery slot available for the next two months. This message appears to customers on website these days: “While we’re offering priority booking to our most vulnerable customers, new slots for home delivery and Click & Collect are opening up daily. The simplest and quickest way to find them is to keep checking online. If you are able to book, we ask that you limit it to one slot per week, to help us provide more deliveries for those who cannot leave home”. If you are self-isolating, Waitrose suggests contacting customer support at 0800 188884 to order, and then specify where to leave the grocery shopping. The minimum shopping is quite high: you need at least £ 60 if you like home delivery, just £ 40 for the click and pick up.

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